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Started out when I was a wee-lad and read Harry Potter 3 times all the way through. Now we are here spn, dw, hg, hp, slk, lotr, and every fab celeb out there.

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every romance ever has starred a girl and are successful in the box office literally what are you talking about im going to pass out

"a small movie"

man shut the fuck up this movie has been one of the most advertised romance movies this year, it’s not SMALL.

what an inspiration this man isn’t

Oh yeah, how dare he be proud of something that he helped create. How dare he write a novel about a subject that caused not only him, but so many other people a lot of pain. It’s a $12 million dollar movie that beat a freaking TOM CRUISE movie in the box office! Of course he’s happy! You can hate on the movie, book, his writing, but you do not hate on of the few people on the internet that is using his “celebrity” status for good. Sit down and complain about something else

^This. Even though the movie was advertised heavily, to John Green it was this small story that he wrote for 12 years of his life, partially inspired by his real life fan-turned-friend Esther Earle. He never expected it to become as hugely popular as it did in print or big screen incarnation. Allow him to be a little overwhelmed/excited by that fact, sheesh. I’m all for critically looking at media, and there are ways to do that with TFiOS without personally attacking/being just plain rude about a good person (with a wife and two young kids) who actually uses a lot of his privilege to help others.

**Also, this tweet is taken out of context; it was a continuation of his thanking the fans and production team/studio for their hard work and support. Here ya go:

imageimageTHEN this tweet: image imageimage

Hello reblogging again because this is everything I wanted to say and more

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On set pic spam 8/20


On set pic spam 8/20

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#john’s journal is fringe canon but let’s still break it down birthday by birthday #your fifth birthday you dad comments on your talent with guns #your sixth he still hasn’t even enrolled you into school #ninth ‘he might not finish third grade’ #you get your first gun when you turn eleven #twelve years old and you’re already trying to temper your father’s guilt - ‘he’s taking his cues from me’ #fourteen you go on a date and your father remarks #’if i’m not careful with him by the time he’s twenty he’ll have left a trail of kids and arrest warrants all over the country’ #fifteen and sixteen you’re hunting - ‘i think i’ll let him take the lead’#seventeen - your first solo hunt. are you ready to start killing the things that will#eventually #wind up killing you #you get the impala on your eighteen and by your twentith you’re alone #because the impala was never a rite of passage it was almost a dismissal #twenty-one and your dad doesn’t even bother to buy you a celebratory drink because your drinking is already commonplace #he sits and writes in his journal ‘he’s a scam artist a ladies’ man and an absolutely loyal son.’ #’i’m proud of him’ #and he congratulates himself on a job well done #’i’ve spent the last sixteen years afraid that i was going to screw him up somehow’ #’maybe now I can forget about that.’ #flames on the side of my face etc (via onedropout)

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Where Magneto rightfully calls Xavier a privileged little bitch.

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Avengers Magazine Shoot (manip)


my blog is a mixture of whatever with a bit of i don’t care and a light shade but it has to look pretty

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I have been waiting for this. Praise the angel who made this post.



I have been waiting for this. Praise the angel who made this post.

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How awesome does this sound though. You get infinite money and once a week you get to take a child to a candy store or toys or us or somewhere they love and buy them as much they want this would be fun given the kid wasn’t a brat.

There is no downside to this at all

This is the best, because it says A CHILD, not your child, so I could pick one of the really poor kids on the streets and go “Your life is going to change right now”, and I could buy everything their family might need, along with a house, a food supply, toys, clothes, and everything they never had the chance to have before. And the best thing is that I could do this with lots of children, and not just one. I could give a lot of children in need a full week of Christmas basically and maybe give them a chance to have a different life. That would be great.

Bless u ^ humanity still exists. 

Plus depending on how you define “child”, you could be helping high students who struggling with application fines and even pay for college tuition, room and board, or books

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Make me choose meme:

misstardisblue asked: Tenth Doctor or Ninth Doctor.

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Your power will only grow. There’s b e a u t y in it, but also great d a n g e r .

Anyway, Amy, only one thought, one simple instruction. Don’t follow me under any circumstances.

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